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Maximize Your Health with Comprehensive Medication Reviews

Ensure your medications are working harmoniously with our comprehensive medication reviews. Personalized assessments by our pharmacists can help optimize your treatment plan for better health outcomes.

What to Expect During Your Medication Review

  1. Assess Your Medications: Review both your OTC and RX medications to ensure they’re meeting your health needs.
  2. Check for Interactions & Effectiveness: Identify any potential drug interactions or contraindications and discuss the effectiveness of your current medication regimen.
  3. Make Recommendations: Offer suggestions for optimizing your medication plan, which may include adjustments to dosages or exploring alternative medications.

How to Schedule Your Medication Review

  1. Call Us: Reach out to Mountain View Pharmacy to set up an appointment with one of our pharmacists.
  2. What to Bring: Have a list of all your current medications, including OTC and supplements, ready for your review.
  3. Consultation: Sit down with our pharmacist at your scheduled time to discuss your medications in detail.
Optimize Your Medication Plan

Schedule Your Comprehensive Medication Review

Take control of your health with a personalized medication review. Ensure your treatments are aligned for the best outcomes.