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Community Health Through Flu Shots & Immunizations

Protect yourself and your loved ones with our comprehensive flu shots and immunization services. Stay ahead of seasonal illnesses and ensure your community's health with vaccinations from trusted healthcare professionals.

Offered Immunizations

Convenient Vaccination Services Tailored to Your Needs

  1. Flu Shots: Recommended annually for all age groups.
  2. High Dose Flu Shots: Specifically for seniors, offering enhanced protection.
  3. Shingles Shots: For adults aged 50 and above to prevent shingles.
  4. RSV Vaccinations: Essential for infants, elderly, and those with specific health conditions.
  5. Pneumonia Vaccinations: Recommended for children under 5, adults over 65, or individuals with certain health conditions.
  6. TDAP (Tetanus/Whooping Cough): Essential for children with booster doses for adults, especially pregnant women.
Protect Your Health with Vaccinations

Stay Ahead of the Flu and Other Illnesses

Ensure your and your community’s well-being with our comprehensive vaccination services. Vaccinate today for a healthier tomorrow.